Look Outside

Written on March 15, 2013 – 10:42 am | by nurseryrhymes


Look outside
Spring is here!
Let's take off hats, scarf and gloves,
For the snow has melted,
It's starting to get warm
Look outside for spring is here!

Look outside
Summer's here!
Let's take off our big warm coats.
For the sun is shining,
It's very very hot.
Look outside for summer's here!

Look outside
Autumn's here!
Let's put on our coats again
For the sun has gone,
It's windy and wet.
Look outside for autumns here!

Look outside
Winter's here!
Let's put on hats, scarves and gloves,
The snow is falling,
It's icy and cold.
Look outside for winter's here!

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